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Drey Ricks

Drey Ricks | Importance of Game Preparation

Drey Ricks, “Mental preparation in basketball is training. It is about developing your mental and cognitive skills”.  Mental toughness is not being affected by anything but what’s going on in the game or competition no matter what coaches, other players, or refs are doing. It’s being able to block out what’s not important. 

“During the course of a basketball game, there will be different challenges that come up, which could potentially affect you negatively. Whether it is a poor shooting night, bad calls by the referee, etc. All of these things are real and present a legitimate threat to you mentally. However, you do not have to allow them to negatively influence you or determine how well you perform.”, Drey Ricks. 

Drey Ricks,Improving mental toughness is easier said than done, though. The reason why is because, to develop it, you have to go through tough situations. The good news, though, is that these situations present themselves regularly.